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Jon Monroe for CVUSD

Jon Monroe: The team at NJW Resilient Consulting was amazing from start to finish. From branding and website design, they were able to market my campaign in a way that communicated my story as a law enforcement officer, family man and political candidate in a way that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their services!

Sonia, Campaign Manager: As a campaign manager, using NJW Resilient Consulting was the right choice! Their sincerity, commitment to our project and quality of work played a role in our campaign victory. They are doing great things and I very much recommend their services! Multiple people requested their services because of the high quality of their work product!

Brian for LA Supervisor - Branding & Marketing

Brian Smith for LA Supervisor

NJW Resilient Consulting was exceptional and professional during my political campaign. I couldn’t be more pleased with their services and I recommend their company to anyone considering running for office. They effectively told my story as a law enforcement officer which gained significant traction as a first-time candidate running for local office. From website development and design to consistent support, they delivered!

Moses Castillo
For Mayor of Westminster

I used NJW Resilient Consulting for development and video production to tell my story as a first-time political candidate for local office after 30 years in law enforcement. They truly cared about my needs, and I highly recommend their services!

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