Training & Consulting:

As a P.O.S.T. private presenter, Nick teaches an 8-hour, P.O.S.T. approved wellness class (called S.T.A.R.T.) which is a plan V, making it free to California law enforcement agencies. Nick likes to fully immerse himself in understanding your agency’s culture & behavior and work alongside you to find the most sensible solutions to best suit the needs of your organization. If or when necessary, Nick works with trusted medical partners to provide input if needed. Nick also provides consulting services to public safety agencies seeking to enhance wellness programs, policies and/or procedures to improve the overall mental health of employees, in the following areas:

Wellness program development

From peer support to critical incident stress debriefing, down to what’s offered as a selection in your agencies vending machine, we’d like to help your agency attain the right environment which promotes strategies for best wellness outcomes.

Mental health initiatives

Let’s work together to find the right initiatives that promote the proper plans for your agency which focuses on mental health in an effort to enhance employee wellness and retention.

Policy development

Are there areas of improvement to your agency’s policies or procedures, that with a few adjustments, might enhance mental health outcomes? We’d love to play a role in helping to find solutions to achieve those ends.

Social media messaging

Does your agency or union/association have social media, and does it send the kind of message geared towards destigmatizing mental health in law enforcement? Let’s find the right solution that works best for you and use our platforms to send the right message in 2020 and beyond.)

Resource and Referrals

How does your agency utilize department psych services or additional resources for mental health? Together we can custom tailor additional resources to enhance your agency’s toolkit in providing resources that make sense for your department.

Team building

Each agency has their own culture and needs based on a variety of organizational factors that must be examined. From command staff to peer support teams, we can work together to discover improved solutions that streamline operational efficiencies by using best practices and cultural competence to guide us.